The World's First Watertight Loose-Based Cake Pan

PushPan Testimonials & Reviews

  • 100% waterproof & leakproof
  • Very easy to use - no fiddly spring or unsecured loose bottom
  • Just place the PushPan® over a tall can and push down to release the seal
  • Easy release gives peace of mind and ensures hard work isn't ruined at the final stage
  • No need to line - save money
  • Even heat distribution - so no hot spots
  • Patented silicone seal base
  • Large range of shapes and sizes available
  • Oven safe to 230°C
  • Freezer safe
  • Metal tool safe (anodised aluminium PushPans® only)

PushPan Testimonials & Reviews

"A favourite of cake queen Mary Berry these long-lasting, loosebased cake pans are watertight, leak-proof and require no lining"

The Independent

"PushPan® cake tin has cooked up a way to make baking as easy as pie. A cake tin which will allow cooks to release their creations with perfect presentation every time"

The Daily Mail


Recipes for you to try at home

PushPans® are perfect for making cakes, cheesecakes, quiches and pies. Try our recipes to see the results for yourself.

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Discover the PushPan® history

Robert Wilkinson first stood in the markets of Burnley selling kitchenwares in his spare time during the early 1890's.

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